Liquor Liability Insurance - Why You Need It 

Everyone knows that wherever there's alcohol consumption, there will tend to be troubles.

Even though the substance might help people to wind down and have a good time, it may also have the complete opposite influence, triggering individuals to become violent or even just foolish and unmanageable.

This inescapable fact can cause major problems for the people that make, sell or serve alcoholic beverages on their premises.

For these companies, a liquor license is a must, and so is liquor liability insurance. Even if it is not required by law it is just necessary when you are dealing with something as potentially dangerous as alcohol. You need to be able to pay for any damage, injury or personal injury lawsuit filed against you as the proprietor, and without insurance this might prove to be very difficult indeed.

The types of businesses that are in the greatest need of liquor liability insurance are bars, pubs and clubs. Restaurants also do well to have this type of insurance. This is because these are the places where alcohol is most often consumed in large quantities and in groups where there is a potential for conflict or other incidents.

Liquor liability insurance pays for damage done to property or injuries sustained by individuals involved in incidents where alcohol has had an influence on the propagator. Although it seems logical that the person actually responsible should be the person who instigates the fight or actually causes the harm or damage, unfortunately it is often blamed on the provider of the alcohol.

Of course you want to do everything you can to avoid any type of personal injury compensation claims at all, so there are some basic precautions that need to be taken to reduce your chances of incidents happening. Be sure that your employees are well trained about how to sell and deal with alcohol in the workplace.

First of all there needs to be a strict policy of checking identification before selling alcohol when you suspect someone is a minor. They should also be trained how to deal with violent customers or other potential dangers in the environment.

To give your employees the best training you might consider hiring a professional company to provide a training program to teach your employees how to handle potential situations. This will help them to feel more comfortable and confident and will also reduce the risk of lawsuits being filed against you.

Another reason to have properly prepared workers is that the liquor liability insurance won't protect you if you're not following the legal requirements. It is awful to file a claim and get it turned down due to the fact that you overlooked the education of your personnel, leaving you with a massive medical bill for a wrongful death settlement, and also court costs. Almost all of this may be prevented with a good liquor liability insurance policy and adequate employee training.


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